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1080p freebies from DirecTV

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  • 1080p freebies from DirecTV

    For folks that have 1080p capabilities,there are several older films showing up on Channel 1000,DirecTV CinemaPlus.

    It appears that all of the free 1080p material is coming from MGM. If you scroll through the High Def movies,there are alot of films listed in 1080p,most are noted with the dollar sign.

    But,the listings from MGM seem to be available at no charge. I downloaded The Dark Half a couple of days ago and watched the entire film in 1080p at no charge to my account. I am downloading Child's Play in 1080p now and will check it out later.

    Not all of the MGM titles are in 1080p,but all of their offerings seem to be free to view.

    I thought I would give folks a heads up on here if there is any interest in free older movies in the 1080p format.

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    Thanks for the heads up.


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      You're welcome Jack. I am finally getting some time freed up away from the goings on with the family and work.
      I will get back around to posting a bit more soon.