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DTV transition delay goes back for round 2

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  • DTV transition delay goes back for round 2

    On January 29, 2009, the Senate again asked that the Digital Television transition be delayed until June 12, 2009. Senate Bill (S.352) was fast-tracked through the Senate and is essentially the same text as S.328 from a few days earlier. The big exception is that this bill will go through the normal process in the House instead of the fast-track process that failed this week.

    The House only requires a majority, so it is expected that this new Bill will pass next week once the full vote is in.

    There is a provision to allow stations to make the conversion as previously scheduled "so long as such prior termination is conducted in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission's requirements in effect on the date of enactment of" the DTV Delay Act.

    If all broadcasters decided to switch then the DTV Delay Act will have been for naught.

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      Oh what a great idea! I love this idea so much and I wish they'd get more good ideas like this in Washington! They're doing such a great job!!

      False. I do not like this idea one bit.



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        On the positive side, this probably only took about 5-10 minutes on the Senate floor. But it will, by default, mean that the House has to spend more time on it. I don't really care anymore .. everyone is already confused at this point :shrug: .. If we take that as a given regardless of the outcome, the only thing we have left (if it passes) are:

        1) Broadcasters can transition on February 17 if they want
        2) Folks can participate in the existing Coupon Program through July 31, 2009 instead of March 31, 2009.

        Of course if the transition occurs as scheduled, all confusion is complete on February 18


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          As far as I can tell, the key difference that allows this to proceed normally in the House is that this bill does not cost money to the government so the House doesn't have to suspend their Pay as You Go rules.

          So they'll try to fast track it thru the normal process of introduction, committee, reading in the House, vote but without suspending any rules. (So would that be the medium track?)