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  • DirecTV free previews

    I thought I would start a thread that would consist solely of free previews coming from DirecTV.
    For starters,DirecTV just ran an ad during the Cavaliers @ Celtics NBA game on TNT,channel 245.
    The ad was promoting a free preview of the NBA League Pass package.
    The free preview begins tonight,10/28/08.
    It will end next Tuesday,11/4/08.

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    NBA League Pass free preview update

    I received my "November Entertainment Guide" e-mail from DirecTV a little while ago.
    It contained some more info about the NBA LP free preview that is currently going on.
    The channels running the free preview are numbers 751-768.


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      I received my January Entertainment Guide e-mail from DirecTV a little while ago.
      We have 3 free previews coming up in January,2009.

      1. HBO Free Preview will air for 4 days,1/15-1/18 on channels 501-511.
      2. ESPN Full Court NCAA Basketball Free Preview will air from 1/10-1/17 on channels 720-727.
      3. Setanta Sports Free Preview will air for 2 days,1/3-1/4 on channel 621.

      Another note of interest:
      DirecTV confirms in that e-mail that MLB Network HD will be on channel 213 when it begins broadcasting.


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        February free previews on DirecTV:
        NHL Center Ice,2/16-2/22 on channels 769-785.
        BabyFirst TV,2/5-2/8 on channel 293.


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          1 free preview for March:
          Starz,3/19-3/22,channels 520-533.


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            Great idea for a thread, Steve... thanks for starting it... Just subscribed.


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              Originally posted by MartyS View Post
              Great idea for a thread, Steve... thanks for starting it... Just subscribed.
              You're quite welcome Marty.


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                According to,DirecTV has been running a free preview of the CBS College Sports channel since 3/11/09.
                It is scheduled to end on 4/8/09.
                Since this channel is included in my programming package,I don't really know if it's a free preview or not.
                Here is a link to

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                  Two free previews for April from DirecTV.
                  1. MLB Extra Innings,4/6-4/12/09 on channels 720-749.
                  2. Game Lounge weekend,4/10-4/12/09 on channel 110.

                  A note of interest for golf fans:
                  The Masters Experience will be available in HD on channels 701-705,4/9-4/12/09.


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                    According to,the following free previews are scheduled for May.

                    Baby First TV: 5/7-5/10
                    HBO & Cinemax: 5/8-5/12
                    Choice Xtra package: 5/27-5/31



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                      I got the tweet on HBO/Cinemax this morning


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                        DirecTV has been pretty quiet lately in regards to free previews.
                        But,according to the following link,there will be a free preview of the Premier Pack that will run 6/18-6/21/09.



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                            The latest Entertainment Guide e-mail from DirecTV lists 2 free previews for July:

                            MLB Extra Innings,channels 720-749 7/16-7/22.
                            Game Lounge,channel 110 7/3-7/5.


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                              Upcoming free previews from DirecTV for August/September:

                              HD Extra Pack: 8/19-8/23

                              Choice Xtra package: 9/1-9/7

                              Game Lounge: 9/4-9/6

                              NFL Sunday Ticket: 9/13

                              Starz: 9/17-9/20