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    Wanted to get some of the more direct reactions.

    I'm a little shocked. Unfortunately this will feed the trolls (I knew they couldn't do it on their own... the HR2xs stink... etc). I was starting to feel the HR2xs were getting there. Perhaps the pain to get there was just too much? I'm surprised to see DirecTV go back to a multi-platform solution, as well as questioning if the HR2xs can really survive with Tivo in the mix. I guess we have a year+ to see.


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    I'll let you know when I have a reaction.


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      Im with Stuart, let's take a wait and see stance. I dont think there will be as many problems as it seems there will be. 2nd qtr '09 is a few months away still. Stay Tuned.


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        awwwww NOPE it still SUX


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          I don't want to say anything on DBSTalk but my TiVo's weren't perfect.

          Nothing like the problems my HR20 had in the beginning. However, all my DVRs work great and they work just as well as my HDVR2s did.

          Honestly, I was very dissapointed with my HR20-700 when I got it in Feb. '07.

          At the time even SLB didn't work all the time. I didn't lose recordings like others but it was quirky and if it weren't for the HD, I would have sent it back.

          As it stands right now, it will take more than DLB to get me to switch.

          I have three HD DVRs and they nearly all I could ask for....well maybe Widgets and MRV. :lol:



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            My wife was completely uninterested in Tivo... her experience with the HR10 and 5 min+ wait time on Season Pass changes left a very bad impression... :lol:


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              I think in some terms it's a good deal. The competition of features between the DIRECTV and TiVo platforms will only benefit us (the consumer).


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                You don't say?