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  • Virtual Phone Number

    A virtual phone number that works in conjunction with your existing phone service. It's perfect for businesses wanting to establish a local image anywhere in the United States.

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    Yum. More Spam.


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      And the username sounds like it's strait out of a porn movie...


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        Jenny, I got your number.


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            Originally posted by Atwood
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              Virtual phone means it is giving services to waiting people of your mobile phone, such as if anybody is calling you when you are busy at that time virtual mobile phone is reply that user is busy, another example is your SMS space is full and one user is sending you one SMS than it will be stored in virtual mobile phone number.


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                If you have virtual phone number than it is best that you don't have to manage appointment schedule and waiting schedule for your all visitors, if you have it than you can manage easily all things, you can arrange telephonic conference to four to five limited people, also.